Dr. Emel Esin Library was opened to researchers in graduate programs in 2005. It is one of the richest libraries of Turkey in Turkish Culture and Art before Islam. 8390 books, 4355 offprints and articles have been catalogued in accordance with  contemporary library understanding by Mihin Lugal and his her team. A collection including almost 1000 manuscripts was classified under 694 volumes as 917 books and pamphlets by Mine Özen.

These catalogues have been published in 1994, 1995 and 1997 as Tek Esin Foundation Catalogue and Bibliography Series 1,2,3 respectively. Most significant pieces of Emel Esin Library include two unique books about Turkey in French published in 1577 and 1664. 

Dr. Emel Esin Library, which was opened to use of graduate students in 2005, moved to Ferit Tek’s House in Moda in 2015.

Dr. Emel Esin Library consists of two main sections:


The library consists of one room reserved for the readers and two storage rooms. There are books, magazines and offprints in storage rooms. In the section reserved for the readers there are reference sources and card catalogue cases.

Xerox, photograph and Wi-Fi services are available in the library.

There is also a tiny atelier producing casings, folders, boxes and binders for the protection and preservation of archive materials at the basement of Ferit Tek’s House. Simple reparations can be done in this atelier.

Rare samples and printed books are kept in the first floor; not in the main library.




In the Archive Department of Dr. Emel Esin Library, the classification is ongoing and almost 7000 documents have been classified and presented to the use of readers. Almost 10,000 documents are waiting to be classified.

  • Breakdown of archive documents in terms of subject: Personal documents: Documents of Şevket Bey, Yusuf Akçura and Ahmet Ferit Tek that can be of interest for the historians of recent era.
  • Documents related to Turkish culture and art before Islam
  • Dias, films, micro films and rolls,
  • Photographs