The Collection of Tek Esin Foundation named after the couples of Tek and Esin, is a ‘family collection’ consisting of pieces of art collected from various countries in which Ferit Tek and Seyfullah Esin served as diplomats, by both Ferit-Müfide Tek and their daughter and son-in-law Seyfullah-Emel Esin

Ferit Tek Evi - Koleksiyon Katı

The compilers of the collection lived in a cultural atmosphere combining the Ottoman grace with the Western originated world vision and life style. The heterogeneous identity of the culture of ‘transition’ created after Tanzimat Reform Era was also reflected in the Collection of Tek-Esin Foundation, and artworks from Ottoman Empire, Europe, Near East, India, Tibet, Far East and even Mexico decorated the living rooms and corridors of the house. For this reason, the collection not only attracts the attention of art historians working in different areas but also those interested in social history of our country.

From our collection