It is one of unique wooden structures of the Bosporus dating back to 18th century that still exists today. It was built in a garden by the sea and managed to preserve its original structure to a great extent.

The mansion was simplified from its unqualified attachments in 1950 by the owners of the property; Emel and Seyfullah Esin under the supervision of Architect Turgut Cansever, and the building acquired its current form.  From 1995 to 1997, comprehensive reparation was carried out by the Foundation under the supervision of Architect Feyza Cansever.

Cleaning of original hand-carved ornaments and wall paints and compacting were undertaken under the supervision of  Gülseren Dikilitaş from 2000 to 2003.

Between the years 2012‐2013 following the restoration works carried out by Neyma Architecture Company (, the garden of the mansion has been rearranged by Defne Akşin Akyol ( without contradicting with the main features of gardens of that era.

Maintenance and preservation of the mansion is  still undertaken by Neyma Architecture Company on behalf of the Foundation.

Photograph: Sadullah Pasha Mansion inner garden. Cemal Emden.